Music Posters

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Conceptualized, directed and created several music promotion posters for Sasa Music Presents.

Gonzo Hummus Label

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Designed the die-cut side and top labels for three different Gonzo hummus containers.

All 50


Designed to commemorate my completion of a competition with my family members in which I was the first to travel to all 50 US states.

Email Marketing


Several different email marketing campaigns that designed.

Web Graphics

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Conceptualized and designed web-based advertisements for Regence, Marylhurst University, and others.

Decision Tree Graphics


These decision trees were designed to be used as a visual and analytical support tool to help sell a product in a more fun way.

Editorial Illustrations


Illustrated artwork based on a recurring editorial page in Style Magazine.

Cinerama Website


Maintained marketing and advertising for Paul Allen’s Cinerama theater, including customized posters and website designs of featured films.

City Centennial

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Based on the style of WPA posters, this was designed for the city’s centennial celebration.