Music Posters

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Conceptualized, directed and created several music promotion posters for Sasa Music Presents.

Gonzo Hummus Label

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Designed the die-cut side and top labels for three different Gonzo hummus containers.

All 50


Designed to commemorate my completion of a competition with my family members in which I was the first to travel to all 50 US states.

Decision Tree Graphics


These decision trees were designed to be used as a visual and analytical support tool to help sell a product in a more fun way.

Editorial Illustrations


Illustrated artwork based on a recurring editorial page in Style Magazine.

Web Graphics

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Conceptualized and designed web-based advertisements for Regence, Marylhurst University, and others.

Email Marketing


Several different email marketing campaigns that designed.

Cinerama Website


Maintained marketing and advertising for Paul Allen’s Cinerama theater, including customized posters and website designs of featured films.

City Centennial

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Based on the style of WPA posters, this was designed for the city’s centennial celebration.